2015 Macau V-Prix

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Race details
Macau Circuit.png
Date TBC
Location Guia Circuit, Macau
Course Temporary street circuit
6.120 km (3.803 mi)
Distance 15 laps, 91.800 km (57.042 mi)
Weather TBC
Pole position
Fastest lap

The 2015 Macau V-Prix will be the second Macau V-Prix held on the streets of Macau at the Guia circuit. The race will feature a selection of driver from FV2, VWRS, FV3, VERS, VARS and VOARS.

Entry list

Team No. Drivers Main series
19px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1-.png Formation Competition 1 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Kiara Thunder FV2 Series
2 23px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg-1-.png Klaas van Snelheid Virtual World Racing Series
3 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svg-1-.png Finn Schnyder
4 23px-Flag of the Bahamas.svg-1-.png Drake Davies FV3 Series
22px-Flag of Brazil.svg-1-.png CopaMundo 5 22px-Flag of Brazil.svg-1-.png Felipe Cesar Virtual World Racing Series
6 22px-Flag of Brazil.svg-1-.png Jamar Main Virtual Americas Racing Series
23px-Flag of Sweden.svg-1-.png Holmqvist 7 23px-Flag of Sweden.svg-1-.png Viktor Östberg Virtual World Racing Series
8 23px-Flag of Ukraine.svg-1-.png Oleksandr Zozulya
9 23px-Flag of Poland.svg-1-.png Aleksy Nowosinki FV2 Series
10 21px-Flag of Iceland.svg-1-.png Aron Einarsson
11 23px-Flag of Ukraine.svg-1-.png Dmytro Kovalenko Virtual European Racing Series
23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png DeMarco Team 12 23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Luca Andreolli FV3 Series
23px-Flag of New Zealand.svg-1-.png North Island Motorsport 13 23px-Flag of New Zealand.svg-1-.png Caspar Davidson Virtual Oceania-Asia Racing Series
23px-Flag of Canada.svg-1-.png Signature Performance 14 23px-Flag of Latvia.svg-1-.png Elmars Zarins Virtual European Racing Series
15 20px-Flag of Denmark.svg-1-.png Ernfred Jensen Virtual Americas Racing Series
16 23px-Flag of Malaysia.svg-1-.png Rayyan Jeffri Virtual Oceania-Asia Racing Series
23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Jiminez Motorsport 17 23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Hilario Bull FV2 Series
18 23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Rodolfo de la Fuente FV3 Series
23px-Flag of Australia.svg-1-.png Higgs Grand Prix 19 23px-Flag of Australia.svg-1-.png Bailey Növak Virtual World Racing Series
23px-Flag of Australia.svg-1-.png Morley Development Racing 20 23px-Flag of Finland.svg-1-.png Mikko Heininen FV2 Series
23px-Flag of France.svg-1-.png Lapierre Formule 21 23px-Flag of Estonia.svg-1-.png Allar Kangur
22 19px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1-.png Olen Inman
23 23px-Flag of Belgium (civil).svg-1-.png Thierry Xylander FV3 Series
23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png American Engineering 24 23px-Flag of Greece.svg-1-.png Nikolajis Christodoulou FV2 Series
25 23px-Flag of Argentina.svg-1-.png Sergio Álvarez Virtual Americas Racing Series
26 23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png Brock Kidd Virtual World Racing Series
27 23px-Flag of Canada.svg-1-.png Keith Murphy FV2 Series
28 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Callum Brandon
23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Sportiva Corse 29 23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Pietro Silvestri Virtual European Racing Series
30 23px-Flag of Portugal.svg-1-.png Pedro Costa Virtual World Racing Series
23px-Flag of China.svg-1-.png Jiading Series Automobiles 31 23px-Flag of China.svg-1-.png Kim Hwong
32 23px-Flag of Hong Kong.svg-1-.png Frank Yang Virtual Oceania-Asia Racing Series




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