2018 FV2 Series season

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2018 FV2 Series season
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The 2018 FV2 Series season will be sixth season of FV2, a virtual racing feeder series that will run in support of the 2018 FVA Formula Virtual World Championship.

Felix Pérez won the title in 2017 but will not defend his crown because he will move into Formula Virtual with FIRST.

Morley Development Racing are the defending Teams' Champions after taking their maiden title in 2017.

Teams and drivers

Team No. Drivers Status Rounds
23px-Flag of Australia.svg-1-.png Morley Development Racing 1 23px-Flag of Australia.svg-1-.png Hunter Ryan All
2 23px-Flag of Argentina.svg-1-.png Mario Juan Lopez All
23px-Flag of Mexico.svg-1-.png Kannan GP 3 23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Rodolfo de la Fuente All
4 23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Rafael Palou R All
23px-Flag of Malaysia.svg-1-.png Swallow Racing Team 5 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svg-1-.png Elnur Aliyev All
6 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svg-1-.png Steven Kasami All
19px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1-.png Formation Competition 7 23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png Sam Hudson All
8 23px-Flag of Lithuania.svg-1-.png Dominykas Zvrionas All
23px-Flag of Sweden.svg-1-.png Johansson Motorsport 9 23px-Flag of Sweden.svg-1-.png Maximilian Thunström R All
10 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svg-1-.png Danilo Forini R All
23px-Flag of Canada.svg-1-.png Signature Performance 11 23px-Flag of Canada.svg-1-.png Jules Barclay R All
12 23px-Flag of Bulgaria.svg-1-.png Zhivko Dimitrov All
23px-Flag of Germany.svg-1-.png Schneider Motoren 13 23px-Flag of Germany.svg-1-.png Niklaus Hölzberg All
14 23px-Flag of Germany.svg-1-.png Steffen Rosenberg R All
23px-Flag of Russia.svg-1-.png Bronislav Competition 15 23px-Flag of Russia.svg-1-.png Andrey Kerzhakov All
16 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png James Thompson All
23px-Flag of Indonesia.svg-1-.png Sunrise Necromancer 17 23px-Flag of the Netherlands.svg-1-.png Luuk van der Straten All
18 23px-Flag of Canada.svg-1-.png Danielle LeClaire R All
23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Scuderia Velocita 19 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Theo Blackman R All
20 23px-Flag of Fiji.svg-1-.png Edward Sivoki R All
23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png American Engineering 21 23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png Mike Fredrickson Jr. All
22 23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Gianluca di Stefano R All
23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png AutoInternational 23 23px-Flag of Portugal.svg-1-.png Lucio Valente All
24 23px-Flag of Spain.svg-1-.png Fernando Nadal R All
23px-Flag of Ireland.svg-1-.png Force Ireland 25 23px-Flag of Finland.svg-1-.png Otso Toivonen All
26 23px-Flag of Italy.svg-1-.png Pietro Silvestri All
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