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23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png FIRST Motorsport
FIRST Logo 16.jpg
Full name FIRST Motorsport
Founded October 2014
Base Charlotte, NC, United States
Founder(s) Adam Blocker
Team principal(s) Adam Blocker
Technical director Seth McCormick
2015 FV2 Series season
Race drivers 11. 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Jamie Gerrard
12. 19px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1-.png Olen Inman
FV2 Series record
Debut 2015
Races competed 24
Race victories 2
Podiums 10
Career points 213.5
Pole positions 1
Fastest laps 1
Other Series
Former series FV2 Winter Series

This article is about the team that competed in the FV2 Series. For the team that is currently competing in Formula Virtual, please see FIRST.

FIRST Motorsport is an American racing organization based in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. The team was founded by Adam Blocker in late 2014, and currently competes in the Formula Virtual 2 series and FV2 Winter Series. FIRST Motorsport is co-owned by Blocker and the team's primary sponsor, FIRST robotics.



The team was co-founded by FIRST robotics and Adam Blocker with the intention of entering into the 2015 FV2 Series season. The team, however, made its debut in the FV2 Winter Series. The team aims to achieve the following while participating in motorsport:

  • Inspire youth around the world to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.
  • Help promote and develop the American automotive industry.
  • Develop young American drivers into Formula Virtual stars.
  • Participate in the Formula Virtual series.

The team hopes to achieve these goals by partnering with the Ford Motor Company for technical advice and manufacturer support when possible. By basing its operations out of Charlotte, North Carolina, the team hopes to provide jobs to and help develop world-class American automotive engineers. The team plans to offer many internship opportunities to university students in an effort to accomplish this.

Formula Virtual 2 Series

FIRST Motorsport will make its debut in the FV2 series in 2015.


FIRST will run in the 2015 FV2 season with the support of Liverpool Grand Prix, the runners-up in the 2014 Formula Virtual constructors' championship. FIRST agreed to run two Liverpool junior drivers, Jamie Gerrard of Britain and Olen Inman of Monaco (the latter of which was the 2014 FSSC champion), in exchange for full support on both seats. With two highly rated drivers and financial backing, FIRST go into the season as a front runner for the title.

Formula Virtual 2 Winter Series

FIRST Motorsport made their debut in the FV2 Winter Series in 2014-15.


Ukranian Oleksandr Zozulya and American Brock Kidd were signed as FIRST's drivers for the season. The two finished 5th and 7th in the 2014 EJGPC, respectively.

Zozulya claimed FIRST Motorsport's first win, podium, and fastest lap in any category in its very first race, the feature race at Suzuka. This race was also the first race of the FV2 Winter series. Zozulya started second behind Allar Kangur, but was into the lead on the opening lap. Zozulya defended against Kangur for the next 24 laps. On the 24th lap the two made contact exiting the final corner. Kangur was forced to retire while Zozulya, who now had a huge advantage over Brittany Johnson, went on to win the race. Over the course of the season, the team achieved two more podiums, one for Kidd and one for Zozulya on route to a 4th place finish in the teams' championship.

Formula Virtual World Championship

See also: FIRST

FIRST Motorsport applied for entry into the 2015 Formula Virtual season to replace Team 23, who decided to withdraw at the conclusion of the 2014 season. The team's entry was denied in favour of the Japanese outfit Formula Ocelot.

FIRST Motorsport applied for entry into the 2016 Formula Virtual season as a 13th team and were accepted onto the grid for the 2016 season.


FIRST Motorsport is primarily sponsored by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Mathematics) robotics. FIRST partnered with Adam Blocker to found the team and currently own 50% of the team.

FIRST Motorsport is also sponsored by 3M, Ford Motor Company, LEGO, NASA, PTC, Rockwell Collins, Solidworks, and Valvoline.

Racing Record

FV2 Winter Series

Season Chassis Engine Driver No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pos. Points
Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr
2014-15 Ford IJGP/1 Ford JPN DUB MAL IND BHR ABU 4th 115
23px-Flag of the United States.svg-1-.png Brock Kidd 24 11 2 4 8 Ret 12 5 Ret 5 9 13 8
23px-Flag of Ukraine.svg-1-.png Oleksandr Zozulya 25 1 4 13 6 Ret 16 2 8 14 14 Ret 15

FV2 Series

Season Chassis Engine Driver No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Pos. Points
Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr Fea Spr
23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg-1-.png Jamie Gerrard 11 12 1 12 2 131 Ret 13 7 10 2 15 Ret 7 4 11 2 11 Ret Ret 15 7 Ret Ret 10
19px-Flag of Monaco.svg-1-.png Olen Inman 12 4 6 Ret 18 2 Ret 1 10 3 5 7 Ret 3 9 Ret 15 Ret 12 7 4 10 3 12 3

1 Gerrard and Kiara Thunder set identical fastest laps in the 2015 FV2 Spain Feature Race, so each received half of a point.